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Rob Roy on the Baltic - A Canoe Cruise by John MacGregor

Rob Roy on Baltic Rob Roy on Baltic Rob Roy on Baltic
I bought myself a nice Christmas gift: "Rob Roy on the Baltic" book by John MacGregor. It is the original edition published in 1867 in a very good condition. I haven't seen any modern editions of this book.

The book contains a detailed description of the Rob Roy canoe with several drawings. This is the second one designed and built after his first voyage on the lakes and rivers of Europe in 1865 (1000 miles in Rob Roy Canoe). It was shorter, narrower and more seaworthy than the original Rob Roy: "The Rob Roy was designed to sail steadily, to paddle easily, to float lightly, to turn readily, and to bear rough usage on stones and banks, and in carts, railways, and steamers; to be durable and dry, as well as comfortable and safe."

I have a somewhat sentimental relation to this particular MacGregor's voyage. I used to sail on southern Baltic from Poland in 1970s and 1980s. I also traveled as a scientist to Uppsala and Norkopping in Sweden and Kopenhagen and Roskilde in Denmark. I am sure I will be returning back to this book in my blog.


Quite new things will meet us in this cruise, and different from those we told of in the former voyage.

Then we had the rapids to shoot, and shallows to wade, and Swiss glaciers and German castles and French omelettes to discuss.

Now we have to dash into salt water, to sail over inland seas, to grope amid foggy islands, and to fish and to cook under lonely, gaunt rocks.

Which cruise was the better one it is not easy to say. Each of them had its log; and the chips from the one are not like the shavings from the other - except in this, that they came from a pleasant paddle.

John MacGregor
Temple, London
December, 1866

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