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Wayfarer on Paddling and Photography - Archive


Colorado Division of Wildlife Habitat Stamp and Paddling

9 Pictures from Springtime Paddling and Inline Skating in Northern Colorado

Olympus Stylus SW 720 Review: a tempting weather resistant/water proof digicam, but ...

Celebrating 51

Pentax Optio W10 Review: Good Image Quality, Good Battery Life, and Easy Operation

Paddling and Photographing - Wayfarer Trip Index

North Platte River above Seminoe Reservoir, Wyoming

Pentax Optio WPi or W10? Which Camera for Paddlers?

FilmLoop: A New Photocasting Network - Sampler from Ultimate Florida Challenge 2006

10 Tips on Shooting Pictures without Viewfinder

Mark Zen on paddling St Vrain and South Platte Rivers - Dams and Fences

Olympus Stylus SW 720 Shock Proof and Waterproof - A New Camera for Paddlers

Pentax Optio WP in WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge 2006

Pentax Optio W10 - A New Model from the Popular Series of Digital Waterproof Cameras

Timo Ripatti from Finland on Paddling Photography

German Coast Guard or How Good is my English?

Shark Detectives - Investigating Great Whites from Africa Geographic Article

Old Water Mill - More Water Snapshots from France

Shark Story: Great White and Kayaker Picture - Real or Fake?

Updates on Pentax Optio WP - More Memory and Battery Juice for a 4 Week Expedition Race

Thinking about Paddling in France: The Seine River in Paris

Flying over Greenland

South Platte River: Annual Club Paddling from Evans to Kersey and to Kuner - March 18th, 2006

How to photograph a river? The South Platte Case.

Sandisk Ultra II Secure Digital Memory Card with USB Port for Pentax Optio WPi and other Digital Cameras

Pentax Optio WP Firmware Update - A Cure for the Camera Problems?

Paddlers' Guide for Treating Medical Emergencies

South Platte River - Another View or How to Photograph the River?

DeLORME Atlas & Gazetteer Series

Sea Wind, the Icebreaker is Back - South Platte River

South Platte River: A Classic Run from Evans to Kuner

Sea Wind, the Icebreaker - Winter Paddling in Colorado

15 the Most Popular Posts in Wayfarer Blog

Dangers of Kayak Photography

Pentax Optio WP in Cold Weather - Non-Paddling Experiment

Shooting Video with Pentax Optio WP - Boat Towing and Paddling South Platte River

Rob Roy on the Baltic - A Canoe Cruise by John MacGregor


Paddling on Monciak - music video clip from Poland

Winter Paradise - paddling movie recommendation for winter Holidays

Garmin MapSource, Google Earth, Terra Server - mapping tools

Colorado River, Utah, from Cisco Landing to Hittle Bottom

shooting movies with Pentax Optio WP and WPi

Pentax Optio WP versus Pentax Optio WPi comparison

Pentax Optio WP/WPi - 10 Tips on Paddling and Shooting

Verlen Kruger Memorial Fund

Matt Layden - Wizard of the WaterTribe

13.5' kayak for 300 mile race?

Steve Landick on paddles during a long expedition voyage

7 Months of Paddling and Shooting with Pentax Optio WP, Waterproof Powerbar Size Camera

Length of on-line video clips?

fit2paddle - fitness paddling blog

Deer Island - Dangerous Spot on South Platte River Some 50 miles below Denver ?!

Arapaho Bend Natural Area - October Paddling in Northern Colorado

All Things Are Possible - Verlen Kruger Books

Paddling Blogs & News

On-line River Guides with Google Maps - Dismal River in Sandhills of Nebraska

CoastRunner - A New Kayak Design and New Virtual Race Entry

Dogs and Kayaks. Do You Paddle with Your Dog?

First Monarch Canoes Paddled by Steve Landick in 28,000 Miles Ultimate Canoe Challenge

Poudre River from Windsor to Greeley at High Water from Horsetooth Reservoir

TITS2 - This Is the Sea II DVD by Justine Curvengen

A Thousand Miles in a Canoe from Denver, Colorado ?

A New Racing Kayak? Thunderbolt, EFT, OceanX, Vampire?

Gross Reservoir - Fall Paddling in Rocky Mountains

Dismal River - Returning Back to Sandhills of Nebraska

Worf, the Newfoundland (1996-2005)

Adventure Sports Magazine writes about Texas Water Safari

Cache la Poudre River - Paddling below Fort Collins from Strauss Cabin to Archery Range

Lonetree Reservoir, Boyd Lake, and Beaver Pond - Recent Paddling and 5 Mile Time Trial

Gross Reservoir - A New Paddling Destination in the Front Range

North Platte River: Fort Laramie to Torrington, Wyoming

Can Wild Turkeys Swim? Paddling North Platte River in Wyoming

Mile-High Geese in Ducks Unlimited

Back to Big T in Sisson Nucleus

Big Thompson River or a New Way to Make a Hole in Your Kayak

Poudre Loop below Fort Collins in Sisson Nucleus

Texas Water Safari 2005 - It's Not Getting any Easier !

Scouting San Marcos River: Westerfield-Martindale

Scouting San Marcos River: Palmetto-Gonzales

Paddling the Poudre below Fort Collins in Sisson Nucleus

Ducks Unlimited

30+ miles of South Platte River in eastern Colorado

Poudre Loop

Paddling with Pentax Optio WP

Pentax Optio WP - First Impressions of New Waterproof Camera

Big Thompson with a new Pentax Optio WP

On being different: Verlen Kruger in interview for Heron Dance

Big Thompson River: Paddling Upstream Can Be Faster than Downstream

Big Thompson River from I-25 to Hillsboro Dam

Digital Pinhole Gallery

Exploring Big Thompson River below Loveland, Colorado

Bergans ALLY 560 Folding Sea Kayak - Test Paddling

Big Thompson River?

Kayak and Canoe Storage Racks in my Boathouse Formerly Known as a Garage

Colorado Winter Paddling - New Video Featuring Sea Wind

Saint Vrain Creek

South Platte River paddling: upstream from Kersey to Evans and back

Sea Wind Paddling: Virtual Race and Video Shooting

WaterTribe Everglades Challenge

virtual racing 2005: 5 and 10 mile time trials

Paddling on Wet Sand Again ... South Platte River near Fort Morgan

Puddle Paddling on the Poudre with Seda Cyclone

training for my first Texas Water Safari

solo paddler, solo photographer

afternoon on the lower Poudre

Paddling on Wet Sand - South Platte River in Eastern Colorado

My Land Crew: Worf

Zendurance Quote

Winter Paddling

Fit to Paddle: The Paddler's Guide to Strength and Conditioning

A Short Story in 14 Pictures and 53 Words

After Paddling

Shooting Paddlers: Photographic Adventures with Canoeists, Kayakers and Rafter

Solo paddler, Solo photographer - Shooting with Programmable Selftimer

Paddling the Poudre in winter? Yes!

Arapaho Bend Natural Area - Paddling Again

South Platte River above St Vrain Creek

Poudre River in Winter?

Eastern Arctic Kayaks - History, Design, Technique

Night Storm

New GPS gadget: Garmin Forerunner 301

2004 Paddling Summary

Boyd Lake - New Year Day Paddling with Sea Wind Canoe


White Water Kayaking on Boyd Lake

Winter Sunrise on Boyd Lake

Superior: Journeys on an Inland Sea

In the Search of Open Water

Winter Time, Snow, 5F, but Paddling Must Going On ...

Boyd Lake. The Last Paddling this Year?

Sultan River landslide

The Blade - Surfski Paddling

South Platte River - Paddling Sisson Nucleus above Evans

Paddling Waters from Above

Colorado River 100 race from Bastrop to Columbus, TX

Black and White Pictures from Paddling

South Platte River - Opening the Winter Paddling Season

Colorado River, Utah - Winter Paddling above Moab

Pictures from Colorado 2004 racing: Canoe Colorado Race, White River Run, Paddlefest

Ghost Towns, Historic Sites and Lost Places of Northern Colorado

Paddling Video Clips - part 1: Movies from a Digital Photo Camera

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