Wed - November 23, 2005

7 Months of Paddling and Shooting with Pentax Optio WP, Waterproof Powerbar Size Camera

paddling with Pentax Optio WP
I have been intensively using the Pentax Optio WP camera for last 7 months during my paddling and other outdoor activities including biking and in-line skating. Most of the recent pictures in my paddling blogs were shot with the Optio WP. I am shooting pictures primary for the purpose of web publishing. I haven't tried to make any prints from those shots. Of course, I own other digital and film cameras, but Optio is currently my main camera on board.

I bought the camera as soon as it was available in April this year. I needed a tiny and waterproof camera for the Texas Water Safari, a 260 mile nonstop paddling race from San Marcos to Gulf of Mexico. The camera has survived the Safari. It was wet and abused for 69 hours. I posted a photo report on my web page and one of the pictures was published by the Adventure Sports Magazine.

I didn't shoot during the Colorado River Race in Glenwood Canyon, but the camera was with me all the time. As soon as I reached the finish line I started a picture session.

The Optio has advantages and disadvantages of a tiny point and shoot camera. I've already posted my first impressions, followed by some tips and observations. I will keep posting.

I've experienced three cases of a "frozen" camera. Each time it happend when I put the camera to its pouch without turning it off. The only solution to revive the camera was to disconnect the battery. It wasn't something you would like to do in the tippy racing kayak like my Sisson or on the board of a surfski. Several paddlers have reported similar problems. Hopefully, this bug is corrected in the new version WPi, but I am not shopping for a new camera yet.

The Pentax Optio WP camera has met and exceeded my expectations. I wouldn't take any other camera to Texas Water Safari. I really needed a waterproof camera with the size of a power bar. And, as you can see in my blogs it is still doing its job.

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