Tue - April 4, 2006

Pentax Optio W10 - A New Model from the Popular Series of Digital Waterproof Cameras

pentax optio w10

In April of 2006 Pentax released a new model of the waterproof digital camera - Pentax Optio W10.

I am sure that they are a lot evolutionary improvements over older models WP and WPi. The most noticeable feature is a new 2.5-inch low-reflection LCD monitor. The LCD cover is finished with a non-glare coating, making the screen easier to see even outside on a sunny day. The LCD backlighting mechanism features a brightness adjustment as well as a Power Saving mode, which automatically reduces the backlight intensity to preserve battery life.

The Optio W10 is equipped with Face Recognition AF/AE, a new technology that detects people’s faces and automatically adjusts the focus and corrects the exposure to suit. When the camera’s shooting mode is set to one of Portrait, Self-Portrait, or Natural Skin Tone, this feature will detect and focus on a person’s face anywhere in the picture frame. This technology is particularly effective at preventing “dropout” photos, where the camera focuses on the background and not on the person when taking commemorative or other valuable photos. At the same time, this feature automatically corrects the exposure so the face is properly exposed even in lighting situations where the brightness of the person and the background are drastically different, such as when a person is under a spotlight or on a strongly backlit stage.

You can find technical specifications and review of Pentax Optio W10 on Digital Photography Review pages. It seems that the new camera can be bought well under $300.

My one year old Pentax Optio WP is still working fine and shoots pretty good pictures in wet paddling environment.

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