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Pentax Optio WP in WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge 2006

AlaskanSeaHorse with Pantax Optio
My Ultimate Florida Challenge didn't go as planned. I dropped out from the race in Florida Bay just 10 miles short of Key Largo due to sleep deprivation. After a rest and recovery I paddled the cross Florida race stage from Fort Clinch to Cedar Key. I covered almost 700 miles in my Sea Wind and almost 5000 miles by car. I shot more than 1300 pictures with Pentax Optio WP and Canon EOS 10D (more then 1100 with Pentax). It will take me some time to go through all these images.

The camera is getting popular among paddlers. Several WaterTribe racers showed up at the start with Pentax Optio. The Optio WPi was also used by Steve Isaac (Chief) to document the race.

I was convinced that my Pentax had died during the race and started to think about a new model Optio W10.

When I accepted a ride from the coast guard boat in the Florida Bay they loaded my Sea Wind on deck of their boat and then they went full speed through 2' chop. Somehow, they didn't dropped my boat. However, the camera felt from its pouch and spent that rough ride bouncing on its leash on the bottom of Sea Wind. When I was trying to shoot some pictures at the coast guard station the camera appeared to be dead ...

Later, I discovered that it was only the case of the "frozen" camera. The camera still works fine. However, I experience more frozen camera accidents when I have to disconnect the battery to return the camera to life.

Suwannee River Suwannee River Suwannee River

The three pictures from the Suwannee River above illustrate a very wet environment in which I was using the Pentax Optio during my trip from Fort Clinch to Cedar Key: a rainy day on the river below Fargo, some sail paddling in the lower Sawannee shot with the partially submerged camera, and a foggy sun rise on the river after a very cold night. The Pentax Optio WP had no problems with these conditions while my Garmin GPSMap 76CS didn't survived the same wet conditions, although, it had been never submerged just exposed to rain and fog.
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