Fri - May 26, 2006

A New Waterpoof Pentax Optio W10 Camera is Bigger than Older WP or WPi Models

I've just go a new Pentax Optio W10 camera and I will be exploring its features and comparing them to my older Optio WP.

My first impression is that Optio W10 feels much bigger and heavier than the WP/i model. According to specifications the W10 (107 x 54.5 x 23 mm) is slightly larger than the WP/i (102 x 51 x 22 mm) and somewhat heavier: 140g (5.5oz.) vs 120g (4.2oz.). I guess that in the case of a very small camera these differences are quite noticeable. The third camera on the picture is one of Polaroid SX-70s from my little collection.

I performed first paddling and shooting tests yesterday: quality of pictures and video looks promising. Basic setups and operations are similar to the old WP. The larger 2.5" LCD looks really good, but I don't think that it offers much of improvement in a direct sunlight.

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