Tue - June 20, 2006

Exploring Pentax Optio W10 Camera in Paddling Environment. Questions?

I am playing with my new Pentax Optio W10 during each paddling trying to explore features of this camera. I am still using my original Optio WP which can serve as a reference.

Currently, I am preparing posts on interval shooting mode and on different ways of mounting camera on a kayak deck. You could see examples of pictures taken in the interval mode in the recent posts 7 Pictures from Paddling under Stormy Sky. Next, it will probably do some more video shooting with Pentax as a helmet cam, but this time on water, not on inline skates.

Do you have any questions about Pentax Optio WP/WPi/W10, especially, concerning new features? Any suggestions for testing in a paddling context? I cannot promise to answer all questions, but I can try to address them through my posting here.

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