Sun - February 6, 2005

After Paddling

sunset over Fort Collins, CO
After paddling - sunset over Fort Collins, Colorado. February 5, 2005, 5:49 pm. Canon EOS 10D on a tripod, shutter speed 3 s, focal length 28 mm.

After paddling my Sisson Nucleus kayak on Beaver Pond I stopped at Strauss Cabin parking to watch and photograph a beautiful sunset over Front Range of Rocky Mountains. As a bonus I saw a herd of whitetail deer running across field not far away from me.

The Poudre River was just behind me. I can access the river from this trail head through two small ponds. This is my launching place for the Poudre Loop. I am planning the 6.7 miles upstream/downstream race for Saturday, May 21, 2005.

I am using EZ-Vee racks from Kayak Pro mounted on Yakima crossbars to carry my light boats like Sisson kayak or Surfrigger outrigger canoe on Subaru Outback. I had some doubts about EZ-Vee, but this setup works pretty good. It allows me to upload and download my kayak in seconds for a daily workout.

Click on picture to see a larger image of sunset.

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