Eschenbach Illuminated Magnifiers td {font-family:Arial} body {margin:0px;} Easypocket LED Eschenbach Optik, one of the leading suppliers of special optics, presents a "big" international innovation on a "small" scale: the ultra-light easyPOCKET illuminated pocket magnifier. The credit card sized vision aid is the practical companion for out and about: when shopping, paying a visit to the bank or when travelling. The aspheric, diffractive lens of the easyPOCKET magnifies 3-times, measures 50 x 46 mm and is only 3 mm thick. And the lens has a worthy partner.Up until now noone has managed to manufacture a small magnifier with a light that'll fit comfortably into a jacket pocket. However, additional light is essential for looking at an object properly, because after the age of 50 light conditions generally tend to be inadequate for the eyes. Eschenbach has now succeeded in combining a powerful SMD LED light with a very flat magnifier. The light goes on when the magnifier is pulled out of the protective case. And there's no switch so no chance of switching the light on by accident. The two flat button cell batteries ensure an optimum power supply. They lie flush-mounted on battery-sized gold-plated contacts to provide uninterrupted contact efficiency. A glass fibre reinforced plastic case protects the lens and with a size of just 85 x 55 x 6mm it fits into any shirt pocket. The case is available in elegant silver or sporty black. Mobilux LED Proven design combined with innovative LED illumination, that is Mobilux LED. Application: Using economic LED illumination the mobilux LED series is recommended particularly when the illuminated pocket magnifier is used frequently. Characterisitics The same adjusting distance, distance from eye to virtual image of 400m applies to aspherical magnnifying readers. So the image can be seen in sharp relief by using a reading glass, addition +2.5 dpt. Maximum image quality is achieved by observing the calculated distance to the eye stated on the reading glass. Lamp need not be changed. The LED illumination has a virtually indefinite service life. The light colour can be adapted to suit individual requirements by using the enclosed filter. Up to 10x longer battery life compaired with conventional illumination. Large, easy-to-use light switch. Easy change of batteries by seperate switch to open the battery compartment on the lower side of the housing. When batteries are changed the upper and lower side of the housing remain connected via the hinge. Technical Data: Aspherical PXM lightweight lens Lens hard coated on both sides with cera-tec Batteries included Batteries: 2 Mignon, 1.5v, type AA Illumination: White LED, 52 mA Mobilux LED Range Article Lens Size dpt Magnification 151024 60 mm 12.0 3 x 151034 75 x 50 mm 10.0 3.5 x 151044 60 mm 16.0 4 x 151054 58 mm 20.0 5 x 151074 35 mm 28.0 7 x 1510104 35 mm 38.0 10 x 1510124 35 mm 50.0 12.5 x Site Powered By Website Builder and Online Website Design Software This site was built with the Web Website Builder разделы ичп пбоюл ваза 2112 флажок настольный сенсорный экран устройство вагонка половой доска луковичный цвет слим лифт электропечь dimplex model amesbury арманьяк доставка комплексный сайт сервер hp мультиметры цифровой система перемешивание штендеры жаростойкий краска диспорт тренировка память светодиодный экран герб область этикетировщик уничтожение данный асбест фосфоресцирующий краска дулевский фарфор проведение анкетирование мва купить ниппель перех управление архангельск шарошка алмазный эфирный антенна kaasi морозильный витрина магнитный доска ppg краска certification microsoft купить конвертер телевизионный антенна mobihel краска редизайн кострома откачка туалет крупный жилищный комплекс фасадный покрытие omega мва центральный детский мир организовать рассылка восстановление информация стеклянный перегородка 5440.14 (крышка) бегущий строка креатин значок медаль время ярославль пежо shimadzu плазменный панель настенный дезинфекция белье купить автотехнику кофе колониальный товар оформление свадеб чувствительный кожа эфирный антенна kaasi mobilux