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This web page is divided into two somewhat overlapping areas of photography that I have been exploring over the last couple of years. I've spent a lot of time learning and practicing pinhole photography and stereo photography (and stereo pinhole photography). Since I'd like to encourage others to try out these techniques, I've created detailed instructions and diagrams on the building of a pinhole camera and a stereo pinhole camera. Also included on this site are samples of my photography in each of these areas.

Since others have already done such an excellent job of writing introductions to pinhole and stereo photography, I don't include my own attempt, but provide web links and information on introductory books.

One of my other interests is reptiles and amphibians. I've liked them as long as I can remember and recently have started collecting stereocards and other antique images of reptiles and amphibians. Also, I photograph them whenever I get the chance. (Mostly in my travels. There aren't many reptiles in Colorado, except for rattlesnakes.) I have included web pages of some of my antique images along with some of my own images. I'm always looking for more classic reptile and amphibian images and books to add to my collection, so please contact me if you have any that I might be interested in.

Les Gehman


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