Pinhole Photography

Over the past year I've been spending more and more of my time learning photography. Since I also enjoy woodworking, I've had a lot of desire to build my own camera. I'd like to design and build a 4" X 5" view camera and thought that building a fixed focal length pinhole camera was a good place to start.

This site includes several documents and drawings showing the construction of my pinhole cameras, along with some of the photos I've taken with them. I've tried to make this project as affordable as is possible. However, I did spend some extra money on two items. Since I want to eventually wind up with a 4" X 5" view camera, I designed my pinhole camera to use standard 4" X 5" film holders which cost about $26.00 locally. (They can be had much cheaper used, or from mail order companies.) I also decided to buy a set of micro-drilled pinholes from Pinhole Resource so that I could pick and choose the pinhole diameter needed to give my cameras their best possible resolution. This set of 12 different diameter pinholes cost $24.00.

Other than those two expenses, the parts cost for the cameras was very reasonable. Most of the parts are readily available at most hardware or hobby stores. I specify MDF for construction of the majority of the camera parts since I like using it, and I had half a sheet sitting in my garage, but I think that normal particle board would work just about as well. I now build most of my cameras from 3/4" basswood, which is very light and also looks nice with a good finish on it.

If you construct a pinhole camera, please send me email ( ) and let me know how it went. Please also send me any ideas you have for improvement.

Les Gehman

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