Patent Office Stereo Cards

These web pages contain scans of some of my patent office stereo cards. I've tried to include all of my collection here. I'm always looking to add to my collection in this topic,so if you have any cards that I'm missing, please let me know by sending me email at .

Les Gehman

To see a description of each card, and the file size of the image, hold your cursor over the card. The information will appear at your cursor momentairly.

To see a full size image of the card, click on the thumbnail view of the card. Once the full size card is displayed, click on the card to see a scan of the back of the card, if there is one.

Patent Office

3088.  New Wing, Patent Office, Washington, D.C. (30k) U.S. Patent Office. (24k) Corritor in U.S. Patent-Office. (28k) U.S. Patent Office, No. 1. (23k)
Model Room of the Patent Office. (36k) The U.S. Patent Office (21k) U.S. Patent Office, Washington, D.C. (33k) Museum, Patent Office. (25k)
3088.  New Wing, Patent Office, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. (24k)

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