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I've always liked reptiles and amphibians. Many years ago I kept quite a few snakes and captive bred several species. Now, I'm limited to reading about them, and photographing them when I get the chance. On these web pages, I've collected some of my favorite images that I have taken, along with some of the antique stereocards that I have collected.

As far as I can determine, the copyrights have expired on all of the antique images that I have posted to this web site. If you know differently, please contact me immediately since I have no desire to violate anyone's copyright. Likewise, all of my personal images are copyrighted by me. Please do not copy them or post them elsewhere. If you wish to use any of my images, please contact me for permission. I'm reasonable.

Les Gehman


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	Classic stereoviews of reptiles and amphibians
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	Stereo Lithographs of reptiles and amphibians

	Stereoviews I've taken of reptiles and amphibians

	My flattie reptile and amphibian images

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