Stereo Photography

Since discovering stereo photography, I find myself devoting more and more time to it and less time to flat photography. I'm not going to attempt to present an introduction here, but instead point you to the 3-D FAQ and stereo mounting manual available on the 3-D Web site. Also read the 3-D tutorial available on the Rocky Mountain Memories web site.

There is a wealth of free information about stereo photography available on the internet. A few of my favorite sites are listed below. Another great internet resource is the Photo 3-D email list. Numerous stereo photography dealers have web sites and I've listed a few of my most visited below.


The National Stereoscopic Association publishes Stereo World approximately bimonthly. This is an excellent magazine that reviews new products and has articles on stereo photography history. It's well worth the $26 membership cost.

3D by Dan Shelley is an excellent web site with the most complete listing of stereo photography related books I've seen. Also check out the APEC portion of Dan's web site. APEC is the Amateur Photographic Exchange Club whose members exchange stereo prints four times a year. Dan has scanned all the APEC images for viewing on this site.

Sam Smith's Homepage contains lots of great articles on Sam's projects. Sam builds his own stereo cameras by merging two flattie cameras.

Rocky Mountain Memories is where I purchase all of my cardboard stereo slide mounts. Paul also sells books, viewers; mounting gauges and is the best source I know of for medium format stereo photography equipment and supplies. Be sure to check out the 3D Encyclopedia for lots of good 3D information. (Great for beginners.)

Reel 3-D Enterprises is an excellent source of polarized or analglyph glasses, mounting supplies, books, and many other stereo photography needs. Their catalog is a necessity to anyone doing stereo photography.

3D by Dalia produces a quarterly catalog of stereo cameras and projectors along with lots and lots of collectable View-Master reels. Dalia also publishes "Inside 3D" which is an excellent quarterly magazine/catalog.

World Wide Slides sells current View-Master reels. They have an impressive list and their Collector's Club is a great way to buy reels at an excellent price. They are under new management, but still can be counted on for outstanding service.

B&H Photo-Video is one of the few trustworthy mail order sources of general photography equipment and supplies. I have spent thousands of dollars there and have had no problems. They have an excellent monthly catalog available upon request. I buy virtually all of my film from B&H.

Freestyle Sales Co. has many very good deals on film, paper and processing chemistry. I have dealt with them over many years and never had a problem.

KEH Camera Brokers is the largest and best used camera dealer I know of. They have an excellent monthly catalog, but call quickly; the best deals go fast. The one time I had a problem with a camera I bought from them, they took care of the problem very promptly, and even refunded my shipping, which I hadn't expected. Great people.

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